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Born and raised on the Alberta prairies, Dan comes from a long line of musicians and performers, Cutting his teeth on country bar floors and early indie projects. Schooling took him to Red Deer College for study in Theatre, lighting and sound design before transferring over to music, majoring in performance and business.  Since then, it’s been a long line of performances and studio sessions, working with artists such as Drew Gregory, Tommy Charles, Samson’s Delilah, Roy Warhurst, The Dang Package, Rachelle Van Zanten,  the Dirrty Show, Mocking Shadows, Joanna Borromeo, and many more. Dan is currently project managing and producing a children’s album with First Nations artist, Kym Gouchie.

Dan is an educator and clinician in percussion and ukulele around the central Alberta region. He spends time in schools doing rhythm workshops, and has built a rockband program for both middle and high school students attending in red deer. He currently coordinates the NCF music camp in august and is the Backstage coordinator for the Robson Valley music festival in Dunster B.C.

In his spare time you can find him riding rollercoasters,  adventuring through thrift stores, or hanging with his bassett hound, Roadie.
Dana Wylie is a singer-songwriter, a mother, a side musician, a music teacher, and a theatre artist. In nearly 25 years of artistic pursuits she has released seven albums, written and presented three original music-storytelling theatrical pieces, and played in numerous wildly varied musical ensembles on three continents. She is a Canadian Folk Music Award nominee and a four-time Sterling Award nominee. To date, no one has given her any awards for parenting.
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i grew up on the open plains of southern alberta with a great curiosity to explore the vastness surrounding me. as i began playing music: first guitar and then other stringed instruments, it seemed the same desire to explore was evident. from rock bands playing electric guitar to finding obscure acoustic instruments and performing in far distant places, the through line has been curiosity and exploration.

while being mostly self-taught, i have had many teachers and also studied at grant macewan,abd have been a member of the north african and middle eastern ensemble (mename) for 6 years. notable teachers include george andrix (edmonton), nedim nalbantoglu (turkey) and tcha limburger (belgium).

some performance highlights include playing at the winspear with swing manouche, capital theatre with the road to django show, viljandi folk music festival - estonia virisat festival, dehra dun, india - delhi international arts festival, delhi, india - and the keelung ghost festival, taiwain.

i have been fortunate to have many musical friends and collaborators who have helped me establish my musical life in a diverse and rewarding way.
Emily bachynski does music. You can catch her behind the board at live shows, engineering/producing at her home studio (BitterNorth), or playing all sorts of music with all sorts of people in all sorts of bands. Bachynski began with just her and a guitar and carved a multifaceted career out of the music industry. She is a powerful lyricist, a strong stage presence, and still in Edmonton.
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Bramwell Park is a multi-instrumentalist touring/session musician and singer/songwriter based in Edmonton, Alberta. Mainstay in the western Canadian music scene he has performed and recorded with artists such as The Provincial Archive, Billie Zizi, D'orjay the Singing Shaman, Scott Cook, The Brasstactics, Leeroy Stagger, Maddie Storvold and many more. Bramwell's original music leans towards roots/Canadiana, with nods to modern indie, and as a sideman, he can be seen/heard playing drums, banjo, guitar, or mandolin, always maintaining his unique musical approach
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Natalie Bee is a multi disciplined artist using music and art to express her passion for creating. Her desire to inspire humans to find their own talent finds its home when she gets the opportunity to work with folks with instruments or their voice or even found objects. Always in the moment and quick to adapt, her workshops are sure to keep you on your toes! 
Joelle Avery is passionate about caring for littles. She has been a nanny and an AuPair for years and will happily entertain the small humans with crafts and snacks and games. 
Maara Bryson is top ten in the world in Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course competition. Since 2019 she has been training with elite coaches and has travelled North America to compete. Since 2022 she has started to coach the next generation of ninjas and is always pushing the boundaries of what humans are capable of accomplishing. 
Abi Bryson has been onstage since 2020 acting and singing. She has played roles in Alice in Wonderland and versions of Romeo and Juliet, among others. Her stage workshops include stage presence, improv and costume.
As a music school drop-out who cut his teeth in the jazz and orchestral world as a teenager, Geoff O’Brien’s musical career has been as sporadic and chaotic as he is himself. From playing orchestral percussion in the New Edmonton Wind Symphonia and touring to Italy at 16 years of age, to playing an Ice Castle in the dead of winter for Yellowknife’s epic Snow King Festival with the Jay Gilday Band, to playing polka music that almost drove him crazy (but paid the bills), it’s safe to say he has been around the block a few times. According to Geoff, the most important principle required for a drummer to achieve success in these vastly different musical environments is to listen - be as present with whatever music you are surrounded by as possible; a method he argues is not purely an inherent talent but a skill to be learned, practiced, and perfected over time. His practice is ongoing, showcased in his personal projects (Bad Buddy, and Bitters) and he’ll happily share his philosophy of drumming with you this summer, so bring open ears, something to hit, and remember that “groove is in the heart”.
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Lindsay Bueckert has been a solid member of the Edmonton Music Scene for the past 17 years. She first started playing bass in her early 20s, and made the move to upright when she turned 29. Not one stick to one genre, Lindsay has explored Country, Funk, Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, and more, over the span of her music career. The main projects that she is currently involved with include The Misery Mountain Boys, The Give 'em Hell Boys, Party Jacket, Tariiiq & the Golden Eyes, Swear by the Moon, and various others. 
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